To further assist in providing complete and timely service, we conveniently offer access to state of the art equipment in the comfort of our office.

Video Fiberoptic Endoscopy

High definition cameras and monitors allow the doctor to show you the details of your head and neck examination on a video screen. Small cameras allow the physician to evaluate the internal workings of your nasal passages, throat, and vocal cords.


An on-site laboratory with a licensed microbiologist allows for our doctors to get personalized results of any necessary cultures of ear, nose, or throat infection within a few days, helping to guide the appropriate therapies including avoidance of unnecessary antibiotics, to get you back to your daily routine faster.

Audiology Services

We work closely with an experienced and licensed audiologist on site for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders.

CT Scanner

Often times advanced radiologic imaging is necessary to provide doctors with detailed information of head and neck disorders. Having an in-office CT scanner has facilitated accurate and timely diagnosis of nasal and sinus disorders, conveniently in the doctor’s office.

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

Using medical ultrasound technology, physicians are able to easily, safely, and accurately perform fine needle aspiration biopsies of thyroid and other head and neck masses.